Terms & Conditions

A 1% cash discount will be allowed on invoices paid by the 10th of the month following the month of billing. Net due in 30 days. A 11/2% monthly interest charge will be accumulated on all past due accounts.


The prices contained herein supersede all previous price listings. Prices are subject to change without notice and without liability with respect to previous sales. Quotations will carry a price good for 30 days unless specified differently in the quotation. Quotations are based on complete shipments at one time to one destination unless specified otherwise. We reserve the right to withdraw any quotation at any time and for any reason before an order is accepted.

Acceptance of Orders:

All orders are subject to acceptance by us. No deductions or credits of any kind will be allowed on invoices. Errors or problems with said invoices must be brought to our attention at our main office within a period of 10 working days. Any of the terms or provisions of the purchaser’s order, which are not expressly accepted by us shall not be binding to our company, and shall not be considered applicable to the sale. No waiver, alteration or modification of any of the provisions hereof shall be binding unless authorized in writing by this company.

Minimum Orders:

Minimum billing per order is $150. We reserve the right to waive the minimum. Catalog numbers, specification sheets, and price bulletins are merely indicative of the items that we manufacture. They do not necessarily mean that all items are carried in stock. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse to manufacture any item that is not in stock in the event an order is too small to run on a production basis.

Hold Orders:

Orders marked “HOLD FOR RELEASE” are not put into production until a firm release date has been given. Special components not normally stocked will not be procured until a firm release date has been established. We reserve the right to renegotiate the pricing of a “HOLD FOR RELEASE” order at the time of its release, if the release is beyond the quoted or acknowledged time period stipulated originally.

Return Goods:

We will not accept any returned merchandise unless our sales department has issued a “RETURNED GOODS AUTHORIZATION”. We will have no obligation to issue a “RGA.” It will be done solely at our discretion. Requests must be made within 30 days from date of original shipment. A minimum restocking charge of 25% plus any freight cost incurred will be charged for all returns. In addition, any expenses incurred in repairing or repackaging returned items to make them saleable will also be charged. Special or made-to-order fixtures, which vary from standard design, voltage, construction, or finish, are not subject to return under any condition.


Cancellations of entire orders or parts of them will be accepted only on generally stocked merchandise provided that the order had not yet been filled for shipment. Otherwise, a handling restocking charge may be made. Special or made-to-order fixtures, which vary from standard design, voltage, construction, or finish, are not subject to cancellation once they have been put into production. “Put into production” also includes our ordering of special components from our vendors.

Freight and Deliveries:

All prices are F.O.B. our factory, Denver, Colorado. Title of all goods passes upon delivery by us to the carrier, at which time our responsibility for the goods ceases. All goods are shipped at the customer’s risk. All claims for loss or damage are to be made directly with the carrier. We will be glad to assist when called upon. We reserve the right to establish minimum dollar values for prepaid freight based on the destination. We also reserve the right to control the method of routing. Alternative methods will be employed if customer assumes any additional costs. We are not accountable for delays in delivery caused by any regulations or laws passed by any federal, state, or municipal governments, or caused by strikes, fires, floods, accidents, delays or carrier, inability to obtain suitable and sufficient labor, and necessary supplies of raw materials, or any other contingencies beyond our control.


All fixtures are packaged for safe transport to their destination. We reserve the right to select the manner of packaging for each order and item and to alter quantities of any order so as to conform to standard package quantities.

Fixture Dimensions:

Every effort is made to keep all literature up to date with respect to fixture dimensions, including knockout locations. They are subject to change at any time without prior notice and without liability on our part. Consult factory for verification when critical.

Catalog errors and Omissions:

Extreme care and effort is made to avoid errors or omissions in our catalogs, price sheets, specifications sheets and other literature. We assume no responsibility for any such errors.


Each fixture is UL (Underwriters Laboratory, Inc) labeled.

Fixture Guarantee:

All fixtures are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and qualities of the industry and inspected prior to being packed for shipment. Fixtures will carry a one year warranty from the date of purchase when installed and used under proper and normal conditions. Damage caused in transit, by mis-handling, misapplication, or abnormal stress will void warranty. When customary or minor assembly, or corrections or adjustments are involved, it is the contractor’s obligation to make corrections or adjustments. This guarantee and our liability extend only to the replacement of defective fixtures or components. No labor allowances will be allowed without specific written authorization.

Ballast Guarantee:

Our ballast warranty is the same as that of the recognized, responsible manufacturers from which we purchase. Claims for defective ballasts found to be in warranty should be made directly to the ballast manufacturer through their local ballast service center or their field representative. Labor charges for replacement of defective ballasts will not be accepted by our company under any circumstances, but must be authorized by the ballast manufacturer. Do not proceed with repairs until such authorization is granted. Their guarantee is null and void if fixtures are installed in such a manner that would be considered unusual and not under normal conditions. Ballast guarantees do not cover what some people might consider a “noisy” ballast if such ballast noise is within the published classifications for sound rating.

General Ordering Information

Wiring data and ballasts:

All fixtures are priced and sold individually wired for 120 volt, or 277 volt 60HZ.operation and do not include any circuit wires. Fixtures for other voltages and cycles are available: contact sales department. All ballasts are rated class “P” except simple core and coil ballasts. As the ballast technology changes, we will update our fixture offerings.


All fixtures are priced and furnished less lamps. Quotes for fixtures with lamps are available on a job-basis only. The lamp designations shown in our literature are for information only.


Electrical and non-electrical accessories that are available for certain fixtures will be found at the end of each section to the catalog.

Catalog Number:

The catalog numbers on this website and other literature are only representative of the items in our line. They do not necessarily mean that an item is in stock. Certain items at times will be either unavailable or will require sufficient lead time for us to produce.